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I've seen Pokemon such as Braxian use the stick for its moves, and other Pokemon use specific parts of their body to attack. What happens if they are given moves that they don't normally learn?


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Hey Mewderator

There hasn't been found a way (yet) to hack Pokémon in X and Y. Also the transfer system between gen 5 and gen 6 (Pokémon Bank) is hack-protected so it is likely it won't be possible for a long while yet.

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As Infernape28 said, X&Y have not been hacked yet, so it's not currently possible. With Pokemon Bank there may be some moves that slip through though.

However, it's very likely that there is some general 'algorithm' programmed in for all moves and Pokemon, and only certain moves have special animations for certain Pokemon. In the future they might release an event Pokemon with a new move they hadn't anticipated yet, so they'd need to do that otherwise the game would break.

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All Pokémon in the gen 6 games use one of three animations for physical, special, and status attacks (one for each). Most likely, if hacked moves are even possible in gen 6, they'll just use the animation set to that type of move, regardless of the animation fitting or not.

That or the game just freezes. :P

It's all still assumptions of course.