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Hallo everyone,

I want to have the mega stone to mega-evolve Medicham, and this : http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/163342/whats-the-location-of-all-mega-stones. gave me all the info I needed. There is one problem though, When t is night time you should be able to find that mega stone near a well in Lavarre city in postgame, but I searched the whole area and I just couldn't find it. Now I'm wondering if I already finished the game, I defeated the champion twice and I cought Xarneas. AmI now in Postgame ?

please help


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Yes you are. Post game means when you beat the Champion and get the National Dex. Try again, and see if you are actually in night time.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you I will !
Thx again I forgot to use the dowsing machine -_- I found it !!!
Lol. :)
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To find those Mega Stones, you need to have upgraded the Mega Ring and look for the stones between exactly 8 and 9 PM. Look for something sparkling on the ground.

To upgrade the Mega Ring, go to Kiloude City. Fight several rounds in the Battle Mansion, and then go to the north end of the city. Fight your rival, and he/she will explain how to upgrade the Mega Ring. (You'll also get Absolite when you beat your rival.)