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How can Eevee evolve into Sylveon? And, how do I give the other Eevee high happiness to evolve into Umbreon? Thanks :D

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Sylveon you must get at least 3 hearts of affectshion in Pokemon amie and then level evee up.And it has to know a fairy move.
Umbreon to get high happiness you make sure your evee does not faint and give it a sooth bell while you level it up.
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good answer, all your missing is a source :D
No not three hearts Marriland evolved his Eevee with two hearts
It can be Espeon. So it has to be at Night Time!
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to sylveon you need to max out eevee poke-amie stats and (maybe) learn a fairy type then lvl up

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Since you can catch them in the wild, I suggest using a Luxury Ball on the Eevee you plan to evolve into Umbreon.

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