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Im Ev training them to be even stronger then The My First team. I don't know what the best types work best in my teams last evolutions
Turtwig-Grass and Ground
Dratini-Dragon and fly
Pupitar-Dark and rock
Aron-Steel and Rock
Charmander-Fire and fly
Mudkip-Water and grond
Im Not sure What TypesWork best together and What pokemon Fit the Team.

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THANKS ABUNCH you realy helped and I will take all coments and answer super seriusly.
Mudkip is just a Water type not Water and Ground.

Just to let you know.
Ghosts and dark work best together they can destroy all opposition.

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Regarding "what types are best and what types aren't" - all types have their strengths and weaknesses. Overall, more things are super effective against Grass but other types aren't far behind.

Two good types you are missing are Electric and Psychic. But the biggest problem IMO is all your pokemon are physical. You come up against a Steelix and he could withstand most of your team. I would try and get a special attacker on there like Jolteon for electric or Alakazam for psychic.

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I would switch aron for riolu for some more sweeping power and teach him for physical earthquake, close combat, ice punch, swords dance, special, aura sphere, psychic, dragon pulse, nasty plot.

Torterra is super powerful so do not give him up teach him earthquake, woodhammer/razor leaf, stone edge, crunch/swords dance/ rock polish.

Dratini physical waterfall/aquatail, dragon claw/dragon rush, fire punch, dragon dance special dragon pulse, flamethrower, thunder bolt, ice beam/agility.

tyranitar is awesome stone edge, crunch, earthquake, swords dance/curse/dragon dance/aerial ace.

Charizard physical earthquake, flare blitz/fire punch, thunderpunch, swords dance, special flamethrower, air slash, HP(grass), dragon pulse.

Swampert is also awesome in the top best starters with torterra and charizard. moveset for swampert waterfall, earthquake, ice punch/avalanch, stone edge/ hammer arm

out of all the types fighting, ground, and rock are super agianst the most leaving only 6 types, water, grass, ghost, dragon, fighting, and psychic

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But the team has two pokemon with x4 weakness to Ice (Dragonite and Torterra).
And two with weakness to Fighting one of them with x4
(Lucario and Tyranitar)
Lucario's psychic and charizards air slash cover fighting types and many have stone edge and flame thrower to cover ice
But many water types learn Ice-type moves,and Physical Lucario can't use Psychic
Also, Air Slash isn't that great on Charizard. Fighting types also usually carry Stone Edge.