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I have just started Pokemon X, and my planned team is to be as follows:
Goodra <3

And either Florges or Sylveon.

I'm pretty certain that I will need a fairy type to take out the dragon elite four ect, so there isn't too much negotiation on that part. I also want some both experienced and has played the game, so they can tell me more about the moves learnt by these Pokemon, and witch one would be better for my time, ie "you need sylevon for a special tank" or "you need sylveon for a sweeper"

Thanks, BA and upvote for a good answer.


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Actually, let's compare them :



HP: 95
ATK: 60
DEF: 65
SP. ATK: 110
SP.DEF: 130
Speed: 65
Total: 525

This result is similar to Umbreon's, just having a better offensive.



HP: 70
ATK: 70
DEF: 65
SP.ATK: 120
SP.DEF: 120
Speed: 80
Total: 525

Let's compare:

  • HP: Sylveon > Florges (95 > 70)
  • ATK: Florges > Sylveon (70 > 60)
  • DEF: Sylveon = Florges (65 = 65)
  • Sp.ATK: Florges > Sylveon (120 > 110)
  • Sp.DEF: Sylveon > Florges (130 > 120)
  • Speed: Florges > Sylveon (80 > 65)


Sylveon is designed to have a better bulk, and unlike Florges, it doesn't lack an HP stat. Sylveon has a decent overall, with a very high Special Defense and a bad physical force. This implies its ability to run a special moveset but unlike Espeon, it will be bulky and very slow. 65 is not good for a competitive use. But Sylveon lacks a physically defensive position, this means "sortez les cotillons si vous avez Poison Jab contre Sylveon XD". In other words, you can begin a fiesta if you have Poison Jab Haxorus (although rare, for instance).

Florges is purely axed to compete with Volcarona, but unlike Volcarona, it doesn't suffer a Stealth Rock weakness. I see this flower in UU or OU with a Scarf. It has a decent speed, at least better than Sylveon. It lacks of a real HP stat, so Fake Out can inflict some damage, and then Iron Head for the win. Florges is able to use a calm mind set in its advantage if well predicted.


Say, for your actual team, I would choose Sylveon because you may need a bulky Pokemon beside Goodra. Now, if you plan a super sweepy team, go for Florges, although this would imply that your team will lack of a defensive Pokemon once Scarfchomp spammed Outrage on Charizard, Goodra and perhaps Heliolisk and Greninja. Beside Aegisalsh, you cannot battle Scarfchomp. And Sylveon, with that bulk, may have the ability to support your team with moves such as Toxic and Charm.

So the final choice is Sylveon.

enter image description here

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Meh, stat compares this early. We have all these different sources. For example, showdown has Florges at 148 base special defense.
Doesn't sound too accurate to me :)
148 is too high ; it would resist Specs Reshiram spamming 3 Blue Flare -_- (Why the heck Showdown is still not accurate)
Yes, because there has never been a Pokemon with high Special defense ever...
Ah, and Pikachu will love to destroy both of Sylveon and Florges with Light Ball Iron Tail FTW !!!
yeah these base stats are wrong...
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Florges is easier to get because you need to Pokemon amie the life out of an evee to get Sylveon. Also florges can learn most grass type moves so theres that but it all comes down to personal prefrance

Well then OBVIOUSLY everyone is going to chose pretty little Sylveon. No offence but Florges is like super ugly.
But it also takes some effort to find a shiny stone.
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Well, they both have their merits. I won't restate everything Muguet said, as I'm sure their answer has been read.

Even in X and Y, Charizard, Greninja and Heliolisk are most often seen offensive. Goodra and Aegislash are often bulky or tank like. I personally like the idea of a third bulkier defensive mon, over a more offensive style, given the current team you listed.

Factoring in stats is important, (as Muguet did) but so is move pools and abilities (which Muguet didn't). Florges has no relevant ability in singles competitively or casual. Symbiosis is useless in singles. Sylveon gets Pixelate (Hidden Ability) and Cute Charm (Normal ability). Sylveon is clearly better ability wise.

Sylveon is always bulkier than Florges, which is important. It can take hits a lot better, and set up it's own moves easier. (See my suggested set)

They both get Moonblast and Calm Mind, and Wish and a Cleric like move (Heal Bell or Aromatherapy), so no clear winner there.

However, Pixelate grants a 20% boost to a normal type move, and Sylveon learns both Hyper Beam, and Swift. Sylveon also gets STAB from those moves. Thus making it's special attacking damage output equal to or greater than Florges, even though base stat wise, Florges's stat is +10.

As you mentioned it was in game only, Pixelate may work for you, if you're happy to run Swift and/or Hyper Beam. If you can't get Pixelate (Hidden Ability) or don't like available normal type moves, Cute Charm is the only option, and you can use Moonblast. I've personally found great use in a Sylveon like this:

Nature: Bold
Ability: Pixelate
Calm Mind
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Sp Atk

Requires Calm Mind/Wish set up, but can be an absolute powerhouse in game, especially if ev trained.

You can swap Cute Charm for Pixelate, and Moonblast for Swift. Personal preference.