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I want my Eevee to evolve into Umbreon :p Thanks :D

In Cyllage Town left of the pokemon center is a guy who can massage your pokemon but can only do it once a day.

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In shalour city, go to the left of the Pokemon Center are two houses. In the first is an old woman who will give you a Soothe Bell if your lead Pokemon likes you.
The best way to raise your eevee's happiness is with Pokemon amie. Also battle wild Pokemon/trainer Pokemon and your eevee with gradually like you.

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I don't think Pokemon amie has anything to do with happiness. It has "affection", which is believe is a completely separate mechanic. This is supported by the fact that Eevee can evolve both by happiness (Umbreon/Espeon) and by affection (Sylveon).
Affection and happiness towards you are basically similar to one another.
I'm sorry if this isn't the anwser you need.
in real world terms, and straight definition, then yes they are basically the same. I'm just pointing out that in-game they are two very different terms that affect different things.
Amie adds more uses to a Pokémon's Happiness value ("HV") than previous versions have done.
Before, the HV was used for possible evolution levels (Eevee -> Espeon or Umbreon) and for the TMs Return and Frustration.
Now that value is additionally tied to Amie's effects, which include increased chances for Critical Hits, boosted EXP gains, higher evasion, auto-recovery from status effects, and a similar effect to the move "Endure", among other things.
I can affirm for a fact that aime (and affection in general) have no correlation with happiness/friendship. I have an Umbreon and Espeon that I spent a ton of time on (maxed EVs in Super Training, maxed affection in aime, then had to work on friendship to get them to evolve), so I know this for a fact.
I realize this is old, but it's bugging me :<
Looking at RedtheLEGEND's answer, it is correct for the most part. Affection, which you gain from a Pokemon from Pokemon Amie, is completely separate from friendliness. Pokemon Amie affection is used to get Sylveon, which would also require a fairy type move to be known by Eevee. For Umbreon/Espeon, the best way is to give it things such as proteins, berries, don't let it faint, etc. Otherwise, he is correct, a soothe bell would be a big help.