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The effect of Fling/Embargo/Thief on mega-evolved Pokemon and megastones?

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If I were fighting a mega-evolved Pokemon and:

  • He uses Fling; Will I get the megastone? Will it revert him back to his original form? Can he use it in the first place?
  • I use Embargo; Can I disable his mega-evolution, or will it leave it unaffected?
  • I use Thief; Can I steal his megastone? Will it revert him back to his original form? Can I use it in the first place?
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The above answer is incorrect

As stated by Bulbapedia;
>Mega Stones, unlike other held items, cannot be taken via Thief.

Additionally, in this ingame youtube video, Embargo is shown to not stop the opponent's mega evolution, so it leaves the opponent unaffected.

No garuntees on this, but due to the fact that Mega Stones are not affected by fling and thief, and to the best of my knowledge trick and knock off, I would also assume Fling would not affect it.
Additionally if it does, I'd think the Pokemon would not revert to it's original form, since Mega Evolution lasts the duration of the match and I don't know anything which nullifies it.

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I wish that wasn't true. I found this out by thiefing lysandres mega gyrados and not getting anything