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I want to start EV training. How do I start?


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The new super easy EV training method SUPER TRAINING. On your bottom screen where your PSS is located if you hit the arrows you will come up to the Super Training screen. There you can train a particular Pokemon in your party in any stat you want. The first level of Super Training gives you 4 EVs on each stat you train on. The second gives you 8 while the third and last give you 12.

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How long does it take to fully EV train someone with that?
Depends on how good you are at the minigames. Once you get to level 3 and can win pretty easily it can take you about a hour to 3 hours to fully ev train someone. Again it depends on your skills at the minigames.
Does it tell you when your Pokemon is fully EV trained?
Yes there is a  bar to the right of the bottom screen, once that is filled you are fully ev trained.
Can you EV Train regularly?
Yes but why would you with this new method
Nostalgia. But just wondering