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I really want to know how to EV train my Lucario/Blaziken/Charizard etc.
(If this is a Meta question please tell me; I'm not very good at discerning which areas questions should be in. :)

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When? Never.
We don't know the *exact* stats yet, but the DB has a Kalos Pokedex that has each Kalos Pokemon and a pretty good idea of their stats for most of them.

Pokemon Showdown! also has the stats in its team builder, though they don't appear as accurate as our stats (base stats are usually multiples of fives and many of their stats don't keep that same tradition).
Okay. But what about Mega Evos?

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We really can't answer this question.

A bunch of base stats have already been added, but they are just estimates, and it will take a while for them to find the movesets and stats of everying, as well as a lot of work.

Lucario, blaziken and charizard don't really change besides the abilities and stat boosts. The stat boosts already boost the stats that you would normaly ev train them on, so I would reccomend ev training them on the stats you would normally train them on. For charizard though, train it in special attack if its mega charizard Y and train it in physical attack if it is mega charizard X.

For movesets, be creative. Not everything has to be from other people. Choose the moves you think would be best and develop a good strategy.

But for base stats and the moves they learn by leveling up, we just have to wait for a few more weeks.

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*few more decades