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  1. I was going to capture Mewtwo in Terminus cave when I was ambushed by a Zapdos! But it fled before it got to press the bag, Pokemon, etc. So, basically, how do I get Zapdos, and are Articuno and Moltres wandering Kalos to? If so, how do I get them?

  2. Where do I find Mewtwo in Terminus cave?

  3. What other legendaries from Kanto are roaming Kalos?

  4. Are there any other Kalos legendaries I can get besides Xerneus and Yevaltal? If so, where do I find them?

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  1. Two things to note here. One you can only get Zapdos in this game, the other two wont appear as the one you get is based on your starter. Two once Zapdos runs away from you 12 times it will flee to the Spirit Den where you can battle and catch it.
  2. Find Mewtwo is quite easy heres what you do; go to the Pokémon Village. Just cross a small stream using the Surf HM on the western side, and you’ll come across a cave entrance. Mewtwo’s waiting right inside, so you don’t need to explore a long dungeon before you can fight him. At first, a man blocks this entrance, but he disappears once you beat the Elite Four. - Source
  3. There are none that have been confirmed, and if they havent already then there probably arnt anymore. So right now its just Zapdos, Articuno, or Moltres( Again which one depends on your starter)
  4. There is one more Kalos Legendary in the form of Zygarde. Serebii tells you how to find him, he is located inside of Terminus Cave. After defeating the Elite Four, you can go deeper through Terminus Cave until you find the final basement. In this basement, you will find a Pokémon in its slumber. Interact with it and it will attack. It is a Dragon/Ground-type so plan accordingly.
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4. Also in the basement you can find the 3 orbs held by the Sinnoh Legends. (weird that they give these to you in every game sense you can't find them)
Also note Zygarde has the move camouflage, which will turn itself into a Rock type, so plan for that as well.
Thanks! Caught Zygarde before you telling about camouflage...