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A lot of my EVs were wasted on Snorlax, because he has a reasonably high Speed (don't ask; I don't even know how). Anyway, I'm in Laverre City right now and am wondering if I can get my hands on those berries.

You could probably "crossbreed" berries to obtain those berries, but its just a probability. You can get Reset Bags in the Super Training though, which can completely reset your EVs.
All of my EVs? As in every stat? And how do you get the Reset Bags?
It resets ALL of your EVs, in all of your stats. You can get them by just tapping the screen in Super Training or doing Super Training workouts, but they're incredibly rare. I maxed out a Heracross' EVs and only got one Reset Bag during the process.
Are there stat reducing berries in gen 6 at all?

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You obtain them by mutating berries, which basically involves planting specific types of berries next to each other, and then it has a chance of giving you a certain EV berry (and some others too).
Untill now we know the following combinations:

Mago + Iapapa = Pomeg
Chesto + Persim = Kelpsy
Sitrus +Lum = Tamato
Aspear + Leppa = Hondew
Aguav + Figy = Grepa
Oran + Pecha = Qualot
(and some other non EV berries, not listed)

Source: http://www.serebii.net/xy/berryfields.shtml

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