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Or has anyone tested this?

I have tried this and not gotten the DW ability so i would say no. But maybe I was unlucky..

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In Black and White 1/2 the only way to breed DW abilities was to have the mother have the DW ability and even then there was only a chance your Pokemon would have it when it hatched. So no its impossible to breed any Pokemon with a DW Ability (unless they were the mother) with a ditto and get a Pokemon from the egg that had its DW Ability.

However in X and Y a new breeding mechanic was introduced. You can breed any Pokemon with a DW ability with Ditto and the egg had a chance to have the DW Ability, but the Pokemon you want to have the DW must be from the same evolution line as the father/mother. So breeding a Blaze Blaziken with a Imposter Ditto cannot result in a Speed Boost Torchic. However, a Speed Boost Blaziken paired with either a Imposter or a Limber Ditto can produce a Speed Boost Torchic, even if the Blaziken is Male.