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So I noticed that Infiltrator now also attacks through a substitute....
I also noticed that Noivern has both Infiltrator and a high speed stat. Team that with a few status moves and a giant hammer, and you have yourself a Sub-Assassin!
Just my thoughts..... Any others?


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This seems much less a question and more of a basic statement. It goes through Subs, as such by using reason you can assume it would be solid at killing Pokemon behind subs. Remember that resists do play a role in this still and that Noivern does not have the highest Special Attack stat. And it doesn't have the status moves that you want to go through Subs. Just start Specs spamming Draco Meteor.

All in all, Infiltrator is the best ability to have on Noivern. Just be aware that a good opponent will expect the Noivern switch-in on their Pokemon once they have a Sub up, and that they won't be stupid enough to Sub on Noivern.

Hmmm.  Ok thanks. But am I right that status moves would be very effective (depending on which ones he learns)?
I would still just hit it straight out instead of using Toxic. Leave that kinda stuff to Jumpluff and Crobat.
Crobat gets Infiltrator :1