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I'm making a only fire type team and these are the pokemon in it :
charizard (earthquake,dragon pulse,flamethrower and last move I dident decide yet and for earthquake its ev traind)
arcanine(flamethrower,extreamspeed,dig?,fire blast)
ninetails(energy ball,flamethrower,will-o-wisp? and last move undecided)
hondoom(dark pulse,nasty plot,flamethrower and don't know)
blazeken(blaze kick,sunny day,stone edge,solarbeam)
magmarator(lava plume and no other idea)

please help me with the movesets cuz most of them suck and I'd like to hear ideas


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Charizard - Good moveset so far. I'd suggest as the last move as Fly because you can evade the foes move and since charizard has good attack, Fly can easily take on many pokemon. (and you should keep earrthquake, by the way)

Arcanine - I like this moveset again because , just like Fly, Dig evades the foes attack and then attacks - this move is also useful fof escapinc caves and dungons.

Ninetales - Great choice on Energy Ball cause' you can deal with water-types and also will-o-wisp can help with sticky solutions.

Houndoom - Mabye replace nasty plot with another move that raises accuracy(user) and lowers evasion(foe) or mabye shadow ball or embargo. In other cases, this is a great moveset.

Blaziken - Good choise with sunny day and solarbeam coz sunny day makes solarbeam a one-turn attack and powers up blaze kick.

Finnaly, Magmortar - This is not a comment on the moveset but magmortar is a very good fire type.
Now for the moveset - The new moves should be:
Confuse Ray - inflicts confusion
Overheat - magmortar has high stats so the recoil mont make muck difference
Attract - stop foe from using powerful moves.

Hope this helps:).

Dig makes Earthquake double power,which will kill your pokemon,especialy Fire-types since they have a ground weakness,and Earthquake is common