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Ledyba Ledyba
Item: Eviolite
Ability:Early Bird
Nature: Bold
EV's: 196 HP / 196 Def / 116 SpD

  • Roost
  • Encore
  • Reflect
  • Bug Buzz
    Ledyba can be used to counter many popular fighting types in LC that lack a Rock type move such as Croagunk, Mienfoo and some Scraggy's (discounting rare Head Smash or Stone Edge variants). Roost is used for instant recovery, which allows Ledyba to regain health from passive damage e.g Poison. Encore is there to prevent Ledyba being set up bait and reflect for a good bost in its weaker defense stat so it takes less damage from over-used physical attacks such as Crunch, Dragon Claw etc.
    Overall Ledyba is definitely not the best choice in LC but can be used regardless.