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I was wondering what you think of my SoulSilver team - Some of the movesets are crappy and if you have any suggestions, please post them:).
Name Level Moveset

Feraligatr 89 Hydro cannon hydro pump blizzard superpower

Ho-oh 76 sacred fire brave bird recover fly

Swampert 76 hammer arm dig earthquake hydro cannon

Blastoise 55 waterfall hydro cannon flash cannon skull bash

Mewtwo 76 psycho cut avalanche charge beam poison jab

Groudon 52 rest eruption antientpower earthguake.

(i've beaten lance with them)


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Ok first remove ALL OF FERLIGATR'S MOVES and give him this set Waterfall, Earthquake, Ice punch, Crunch/swords dance you gave him and inaccurate special set when he has a much better attack stat( I know super power is not special but it has to many draw backs)

Ho-oh only needs one flying type move if you keep recover then I suggest keeping brave bird. replace fly with Earthquake to cover his rock weakness.

You have too many water types on this team you can keep swampert and feligatr but dump blastoise. Swampert needs to dump dig and cannon and get swords dance and watefall and maybe replace hammer arm with ice punch.

you need a grass type becuase if a water type comes in you are sunk replace blastoise with roserade you can get a budew in either one of the forests with the sinnoh sounds. Rose rade should know energy ball/leafstorm, hp(rock), sludge bomb, shadow ball.

Metwo is a special attacker teach him psychic, shadow ball, aura sphere(until he learns it give him focus blast), and icebeam/flamethrower.

Groudon should have fire punch, earthquake, stone edge, bulk up

no offense but you should look at your pokemon stats before you teach them moves

I agree with speed freak cut you should teach swampert :
earthquake hammer arm avelench and waterfall
Yeah, Avalanche, Hammer Arm, Earthquake, Waterfall
Feraligator should have surf not waterfall