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Charizard (Solarbeam, Sunny Day, Earthquake, Flamethrower)

Dragonite (ExtreameSpeed, Ice Beam, Air Slash, Dragon Rage)

Absol (Night Slash, Detect, Double Team, Dark Pulse)

Jolteon (Thunder, Rain Dance, Baton Pass, Agility)

Meganium (Solarbeam, Aromatherapy, Synthesis, Body Slam)

Infernape (Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Stone Edge, Shadow Claw)


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Charizard- I like the set

Dragonite- try to focus more on physical moves, since dragonite has a much higher att than sp. att. I would suggest something like outrage, earthquake, stone edge and dragon dance to help with his lackluster speed

Absol- having dark pulse with night slash is fairly redundant. I would replace dark pulse with something like x scissor for a bit more type coverage, and the fact that again, absol has much higher att.

Jolteon- the setup of using raindance before your thunder can be a bit cumbersome, especially since it doesn't benefit any of your other teammates. I would replace thunder with thunderbolt and raindance with shadow ball for another powerful attack that will hit ground types as well

Meganium- like it

Infernape- there are better options than fire punch for his fire attack. using flamethrower is stronger and still reliable accuracy, or you could go with fire blast for a bit more oomf with lower accuracy. theres also flare blitz to consider which combines fire blasts power with flamethrowers accuracy, but does have recoil. I would also replace shadow claw with close combat for an very strong hit.

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Charizard-if you want the solarbeam then:sunny day flamethrower\heatwave,dragon pulse,solarbeam
if earthquake then:dragon dance,flamethrower\heatwave,dragon pulse eaarthquake

dragonite-dragon rush\outrage,stone edge,earthquake,dragon dance

absol-bite,t-bolt,calm mind,taunt\baton pass

jolteon-t-bolt,hidden power ice\grass,substitute,baton pass

meganum-leave it this way

infernape-earthquake,stone edge\thunderpunch,fire punch,shadow claw

thats what you need to change

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Earthquake does finish its big rock-type weakness...
Bite on Absol? Take advantage of its ability with night slash not bite!
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[email protected] Berry
-Belly Drum
-Fire Punch

No offense but Charizard isn't really the best pokemon ever that 4x Stealth Rock weakness really hinders it. This moveset is fairly simple to use. Substitute then belly Drum then sweep.

[email protected]
-Dragoon Dance
-Dragon Claw

I've used Dragon Dance dnite for basically all of gen 4. It's a great pokemon and in my opinion is probably the best use for dragonite.

[email protected] Orb
-Swords Dance
-Sucker Punch
-Night Slash

Absol is a pretty cool revenge killer. that also gets a Dark/Fighting combo.

[email protected] Specs
-Shadow Ball
-Signal Beam
-Hidden Power [Ice]

Jolteon is the fastest sweeper in the 4th gen OU meta game hands down but it suffers from a move pool deficit.

[email protected]
-Leech Seed

I'll be honest; Meganium sucks. There are so many better stallers out there.

[email protected] Orb
-Close Combat
-Flare Blitz
-Stone Edge
-Shadow Claw

Perfect combo in Close Combat and Shadow Claw. Flare Blitz hits hard, really hard. Stone Edge is there for gyarados and Dragonite. Who would otherwise set up on you and Earthquake Infernape to death.