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I left my Mandibuzz and Ditto in the Day Care for along time around six weeks and still no egg any help


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Eggs are hatched based on in-game egg cycles, not real time. For every 255 steps you take in-game, for this particular combination of Pokemon, there is a 20% chance an egg will become available at the Day Care. It doesn't matter whether 20 years has passed, no eggs will be found until you start completing egg cycles.

You can learn more about breeding here:

Hope I helped! Good luck with your breeding!

Any way to get a mandibuzz's egg in the game if I haven't registerded it
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1.well everytime you live a Pokemon in the day care there is a percentaje that every 255 cycles you will get an egg the old man outside the day care tells you if that man says: ''this Pokemon rather play with other Pokemon than with each other'' they will NEVER breed

. also consider that if you didnt play your ds for those 6 weeks you never did the 255 cycles

I did play on it each day