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in Pokemon x and y I have a scyther but I do not have a friend to trade it with if I give it the eviolite will it evolve without he means of trading?


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The Eviolite raises the defense and special defense by 50% when held by a Pokemon who can still evolve.

For example, If I had my ultra pro Sunkern hole it, its defense and special defense will be boosted by 50%. And no, it does not work on Pokemon who can still Mega Evolve.

To evolve your Scyther, you will need to trade it holding a Metal Coat, an Eviolite will do nothing but the effects stated above.

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that's not at all how it works. the eviolite boost the defense and special defense of Pokemon that can still evolve by 50% the only way to evolve scyther is to trade it with the metal coat
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Every item in the game has a description, you know...

A mysterious evolutionary lump. When held, it raises the Defense and Sp. Def of a Pokémon that can still evolve.