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Im trying to add a fire type to my team and I need a fast fire type to hit hard...has to have good sp.attack or attack...obviously a sweeper.

@HaunterTheGhost: Obviously that question is quite outdated.

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According to Serebii,
the fastest fire types are:

  1. Talonflame, 126 Speed,
  2. Infernape, 108, OU
  3. Pyroar, 106
  4. Rapidash, 105, NU
  5. Delphox, 104,
  6. Charizard, 100, NU
  7. Ninetales, 100, OU
  8. Typhlosion, 100, RU
  9. Entei, 100, RU
  10. Arcanine, 95, UU

I don't have the tiers for the Gen 6 Pokemon. If anyone has them, please tell me so I can add them!
If anyone notices a mistake, please tell me!

I hope I helped!

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