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I have a female blastoise and I want some squirtles, so I put her in with my newly caught ditto, but the day care man said they didn't seem to get along, so I look up her egg group and put her in with a poliwhirl I caught but hadn't trained, yet again they don't seem to get along. Now I don't know if it's just my blastoite or if I should keep trying different Pokemon or if it I need to train my Pokemon together for them to become friendly or if I need a male blastoise or something else. I've been through similar questions but they were all for older generations, so I'm wondering if it's different for this generation or something, because I bred a little in black and barely in black 2 so I'm still rather new to the process and I'm rambling a bit, so if this is basically the same question withe the same answer I am sorry but I am worried and other question just didn't seem to fit. Anyway thank you.


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Your blastiose is fine, your problem is the Breeding Rates. Since you are trying to breed Blastiose with Pokemon that you caught yourself every Pokemon it is capable of breeding with will say "The two don't seem to like each other." which means that the chance of getting an Egg is 19.8% (has a value of 20). They will breed eventually but it will take time. What I suggest you do is put up your Ditto for trade on GTS and ask for a Ditto in return from a different country. This will not only raise your breeding rates to a chance of getting an Egg to 49.5% (has a value of 50), but also gives you increased chance of hatching a Shiny thanks to Masuda Method

Thanks I'll try that.
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When the Daycare man says "they don't seem to get along" it doesn't mean they can't breed. It actually means they can breed.

If he says that "they prefer to play with the other Pokemon" then it means that they are unable to breed at all.

He will say "they don't seem to get along" when you are trying to breed 2 Pokemon in the same egg group (or with a Ditto), but are different species and have the same Trainer ID number. When this is the case the Pokemon have around a 20% chance of giving you an egg every 255 steps you take. You can increase this chance by breeding Pokemon of the same species (different genders, obviously). This is not always possible, however. The other way to increase the chance of getting an egg is to have one of the Pokemon from a different trainer (and so has a different ID number).


Thanks, but my blastoise came from the professor a lumoise city, does that count?
no it doesn't count. If you check its trainer ID it will have yours. Traded pokemon have their original trainer's ID instead.