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Since right now I'm in a competitive funk, I want to start a new game. The problem is, I can't choose one! I want something a bit challenging, and fun in most people's opinions. Just not 5th gen though, cause I played through them a million times.

Gen 3 or 4 is an option

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Hmm I have a few suggestions.

I found Platinum significantly harder than Diamond when I played through both on a Nuzlocke (I never played Pearl but it's the same as Diamond w/ a few different Pokemon). There's also more stuff to do in Platinum, like move tutors, and you can get a few Pokemon that you would not normally get before the end of the game, e.g. Eevee and Togepi.

I didn't find Emerald that much harder than Ruby until I got to Tate & Liza, because they have 2 Pokemon each, and their Xatu likes to mass spam Calm Mind, then proceed sweep you.

That level curb is not easy to get over, especially when you arrive at Virdian Forest with L50+ Pokemon and all the wild Pokemon are L4 Caterpie. Then again, I guess it's just more tedious than challenging; you just have to spend more time training.

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Hmm... I these are pretty good options. Thanks!
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I've got a few games as well.

          Pokémon Red

I suggest this game only if you're up for a challenge. The older games are harder than the original black & white versions of Pokémon Red and Blue (Green in Japan). If you are a hardcore gamer, give this a try.

          Pokémon X

I suggest this because it's : A. Easier than Red with few difficulty spikes B. There's tons to do C. 6th gen Pokémon appear as well as some from other generations of Pokémon

          Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
I personally loved Alpha Sapphire! You can participate in Contest Spectaculars and become famous, stop Team Aqua and become famous, and become Champion of the Pokémon League and also famous. You evn get to battle May and maybe fall a bit in love with her too. Alpha Sapphire is one of my personal favorite Pokémon games, and therefore I recommend it.