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Not saying his name in the title for spoiler's sake.

His name is Wulfric, for those who entered this boldly and you're willing to get the game SPOILED. :o

I'd rather just look this up myself, but I feel generous so I'll let someone answer my question for me, for points in return. :D

Also state the level as well. I don't mind the moves, but if you do want to state them that would be nice.

Hope you help. :)


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Wulfric Saks
Level 56 Abomasnow (Ice Beam, Ice Shard, Energy Ball)
Level 55 Cryogonal (Ice Beam, Confuse Ray, Flash Cannon, Hail)
Level 59 Avalugg (Avalanche, Crunch, Curse, Gyro Ball)

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I'm playing the game right now for pokemon black and the gym building has two dragon heads and when I went in to talk to the guy that gives you a fresh watter and he says dragon types and ice is strong agints dragon
You probably mixed it up with Black/White where Drayden is the dragon type and the last one :P
How if I'm playing it now and I just beat the ice gym because after the ice gym it's you have to go to the dragon tower
Yeaaah that's Black/White :P
Durp it's ok every one makes mistakes
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Pokemon 1: Abomasnow(Ice and Grass),Level 56
Moves:Ice beam, Energy ball, Ice shard

Pokemon 2:Cryogonal(Pure Ice)Level 55
Moves: Ice beam, confuse ray, hail, flash cannon

Pokemon 3: Avalugg(Pure Ice), Level 59
Moves: Avalanche, Crunch, Gyro Ball, Curse

Rewards: 9440$ (18880$ if amulet coin is held), and TM13(Ice beam)