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I'm having a nostalgia playthrough of Emerald, and I don't know which pokémon should take the final slot. NOTE : no legendaries

My planned team so far :
All tips and comments are appreciated!


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I would say you want someone to take on Fighting types. Also your team is slightly weak to psychic itself so having another resist isn't so bad.

After looking at the available option for psychic types I would say that Alakazam is your best bet.

Abra is available on Route 116, and in Granite Cave. It evolves into Kadabra at Level 16, then you simply have to trade it to someone to evolve it into Alakazam.

Now if trading is an issue for you than you can try out, then you can go for Gardevoir who is available as a Ralts on Route 102, and it doesn't matter what gender it is as Gallade isn't released until Gen 4

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I wonder if someone like starmie or medicham be good as well? Oh yeah,  gallade doesn't exist in emerald
I didn't choose those two because you already have a physical fighting type, and you already have a special water type. Whereas a plain psychic type was someone who gave you some good coverage and was fun to use in-game (imo) and not too hard to train up either.
Mr. kijani, your're wrong.
    1. You cannot get gallade until gen 4
    2. dawn stone is not aviliable till gen 4 so you cannot evole it anyways
So, it does'nt matter whether it is male or female
ah my bad, thank you blazo.
Your're welcome
Blazo he is saying it doesn't matter what gender its in because Gallade didn't exist in Emerald,  So you're both right xD
And Mr.Kijani isnt wrong.
He edited it just after that I assume.
Yup, he did edited it. It says that there. (under the answer he put down)