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Ok I obviously start with Groudon

Groudon(physical tank) E-quake(Super stab), F-punch(covers grass and ice weakness and powered up by sun), B-up(bulk up boosts two main stats), and S-edge(covers those pesky pokemon that are immune to earthquake)

Latios(special sweeper) dragon pulse(stab), solar beam(awesome power with no charge), psychic(stab), T-bolt(coverage)

Deoxysis(attack form)(special sweeper) Solar beam(crazy power), Ice beam(covers most ubers), psychic(stab), shadow ball(covers other ubers)

Azelf(physical sweeper) fire punch(powered up bye sun), thunder punch(coverage), ice punch(covers most ubers), and zen headbutt(stab)

Heatran(special tank) Magma storm(stab that is powered up bye sun), Earthpower(coverage), solarbeam(covers all weaknesses but fighting), flash cannon(stab)

Lugia(wall) recover(healing), calm mind(makes itself an offensive threat), aero blast(stab and awesome power), toxic(a slow and painful death)

i know that up against raquaza and kyogre this strategy loses it's shine and that Lugia doesn't really get a boost from this.

Thanks for your super secret team on smogon
This is not it dude

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Since Lugia is not benefited by the sunlight you should use Tangrowth instead. Either of Tangrowth's abilities will benefit from sunlight. You should definitely teach it Solar Beam (for obvious reasons).

My other suggested moves for it are: toxic (a slow and painful death), Ancient Power (covers most of it's weaknesses, besides it is awesome, and you need to teach it that to evolve it anyway), and Earthquake (covers other weakness and is insane move, you only have one earthquake user in your party, always good to have another).

You do have earthpower though, which is also a good ground move, so you may prefer to have Sunny Day (in case they change the weather and you can't get Groudon out), or soothing more defensive; like Double Team, Amnesia or Protect (so they can slowly die from toxic while you don't get hurt).

This is an Uber team Tangrowth isn't even OU, and Lugia is my wall and Tangrowth has hideous S.defense.