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Hey guys, i've been playing Pokemon Emerald and I have a dilemma with shiftry. When I was trying to complete the pokedex to the best of my ability I decided to evolve Nuzleaf at an early level into Shiftry just to get it registered on the pokedex, not realising shiftry won't learn pre evolution moves that Nuzleaf does in its later levels because I'm now interested in having Shiftry in my team and I have a spare leaf stone.

Although my original Shiftry is level 45 at the moment and has reasonable stats for its level at present, e.g 147 hp, but it has crappy moves which don't include faint attack and extrasensory which is what I later figured out is what would be best. I wanted to restart with a Seedot and evolve it when it becomes a Nuzleaf at level 49 or 50 after Nuzleaf learns faint attack and extrasensory.

My new Nuzleaf is level 45 at the moment now and the stat differences compared to the original Shiftry are rather poor, e.g Nuzleaf's hp is 129. I want my level 100 Shiftry to have at least over 310 hp as a standard and I guess the rest of the stats will fall in line with its good moves but if I evolve the Nuzleaf at level 49 or 50 with its better moves will it's stats as a new Shiftry be as good at level 100 compared to if I got my original Shiftry to level 100? or am I better off using the Shiftry I already have for the sake of its already better stats and have crappy moves by the time its level 100?

I'm unsure if getting the original Shiftry with good stats and crap moves to level 100 is better than getting the new Shiftry (currently Nuzleaf) to level 100 with good moves and I'm unsure what it's stats may be over time. This dilemma is basically all on account of me only having one leaf stone left and no grass Pokemon in my party.

Sorry for my originally posted question, I wanted to jot everything down before I forgot some of my points haha. If this is still hard to read there's something wrong with you blokes. Peace

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Sorry, but please use more punctuation...
Ah, yes, I forgot to tell you: It was such pain for me to understand it; I had to read it twice in order to understand. Use more Caps; they make a sentence. You don't know what's a sentence? It begins with a Capital letter and ends with a point.
I do not intend to be rude, though. If you find this rude, then sorry.

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First of all, I honestly want to tell you something: I hate Shiftry. But I will still help, no worries :)

If I understand well your dilemma, you have a Shiftry you evolved at level 45 for completing the Pokédex and you want it to learn Extrasensory, which is now impossible ? And you are wondering about catching another Seedot and train it until it become a level 49 Nuzleaf, thus evolving it with Extrasensory. No ?

I recommend you, actually, to catch another Seedot, train it to a level 49 Nuleaf and evolve it.
Why, you ask ?

Simple: Extrasensory is great on Shiftry. After all, if you train until level 100, you don't need 310 HP, as your speed and attacks are they most important. In-game, you don't need 345 HP, 300 Atk and so-on marvelous stats. Just higher than 265, this is enough. If you are worried about it so much, then train your level 45 Shiftry but seriously, get another one with these moves:

~ Giga Drain (Recovery, STAB)
~ Faint Attack (STAB)
~ Rollout (Tutor, coverage)
~ Extrasensory (Coverage)

And you are done.

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Rollout is a pretty gimmicky & horrible move... Nature Power would be better.
awesome, thanks a lot mate. actually, i know i didn't point this out earlier and sorry for not doing so but the dilemma was that i had a nuzleaf at around level 20 and i evolved it and got it up to level 45 with decent enough stats but it didn't have good pre evolution moves and this was before i was interested in shiftry. after a time i wanted to add a shiftry to my team and i figured i couldn't get any good moves for the original shiftry until i wanted to evolve another nuzleaf at level 49 with good pre evolution moves but i wasn't sure if the newly evolved shiftry would have good stats by the time it gets to level 100 compared to the original shiftry. so i wasn't sure whether i should have the original shiftry get to level 100 with good stats and bad moves or the new one which i wasn't sure about its stat situation when it gets to level 100 but with good moves.

but in any case, you answered my question so thanks a lot man. with my original shiftry which didn't have any good moves i didn't have the option to have faint attack and extrasensory but i have giga drain readily available. about the stats, i like to have 300 hp as a minimum, but controlling a pokemon's other stats is too difficult so i let them take their course. thanks a lot.
My pleasure to help out :)
@ fondant: Yes, Rollout looks like a gimmick, but actually, it covers Bug, Flying, Fire and Ice. So ?
Yeah, the thing about rollout is true that it is a gimmick and but it is good coverage at the same time although im not overly fond of rollout to be honest. I wish Shiftry could do ice punch or beam, that's always awesome for coverage. Are there any other coverage options?
Like fondant said, you can get Nature Power. And Aerial Ace or Rock Tomb. But I don't see much more, honestly.
Here is the page:
To be honest you'd switch out if you were facing a Bug type. It's saying something that Rollout won't do enough damage to KO a Yanmega on the first move. Rollout also traps you into using it until it misses/ ends, so you're stuck for about 2-5 moves.
Nature Power does change type down to location, but at least it has the possibility of being good ground coverage against Fire, Poison and Steel types in-game, and definitely being a ground type move competitively.