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I obviously start with Kyogre

Kyogre(special tank) surf(stab high accuracy and decent power), Ice beam(covers shaymin and many other ubers) Thunder(covers other water types that try to counter) Calm mind(makes Kyogre take special attacks easy and inflict them harder)

Raikou(special sweeper) Thunder(SUPER POWERFUL), Shadow Ball(coverage), T-wave(status), Calm mind(same as Kyogre)

Mewtwo(special sweeper) Thunder(DUH), Psychic(STAB), Shadow ball(coverage), Aurasphere(Coverage)

Mew(Physical sweeper) Waterfall(boosted by rain), Swords dance(powers up moves), Stone edge(coverage), Ice punch(kills half the ubers)

Palkia(special sweeper) Spacial Rend(STAB), Surf(STAB), Earthpower(coverage), Aura sphere(coverage)

Lugia(wall) Surf(power), Toxic, Recover, Aero blast

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I'll answer this after the tourney and give everything I have for my team.

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First thing, Kyogre should have Water Spout instead of Surf.

Also if it is a rain team it needs a bit more water Pokemon so water moves get STAB as-well as boost from rain.
Like Manaphy (it's ability is useful in rain) or Kingdra (i know you already have a Dragon/Water, but they have only one weakness- dragon, and it has extra speed in rain due to it's swift swim ability).

You could use Kingdra as the physical Pokemon instead of Mew, and give it the moves Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Toxic and Facade/Giga Impact.
Manaphy could have the moves Surf, Aqua Ring, Energy Ball/ Ice Beam, and Ancient Power/Acid Armour.

Hope this helps.

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Manaphy should have Rest and Tail. Glow, otherwise it is weak.