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So, I have SoulSilver and I'm about to take on the Elite Four. My starter is Typhlosion. What team should I use to take them down? and also, what level should my team be on?

Well a bug or a fighting type.A psychic type.An ice type.Maybe a ghost type and you fill in the rest.They all need to be around 70 if it is a rematch or 50 for the first time.Also this is a comment because I don't have enough information.
Thank you ! :)
Ha! Trick question: there is no Elite Four in Johto! Haha!

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Your team should be at level 40-50. A good team with Typhlosion would be:

Umbreon: Deals with Will.

Dewgong: With Hydration, RainDance, and Rest, Dewgong will be hard to take down. It won't be injured by status, and it is good to take down Lance with.

Gengar: A Pokemon that is useful in dealing with both Koga and Bruno. It also can beat Will if they don't hit Gengar.

Heracross: Heracross is a useful Pokemon against both Will and Karen.

Dragonair/Dragonite: Backs-up Dewgong against Lance.

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That sounds like a perfect team, thanks! but where can I get a heracross and an umbreon??
Evolve Eevee (which you get from Bill in his Goldenrod House after you've met him in Ekruteak City) during the night with enough happiness to get Umbreon. Use Headbutt to get Heracross.
Okay, thanks :)
I want an umbreon too. how can I get it to be so happy it evolves
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you will need a murkcrow for will and it will take out koga

xatu for koga

lugia for bruno

weezing for karen

and a massive dragonite for lance

your typlosion can back up your other pokemon