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Yeah yeah, I know, monotype teams are bad, but I love electric type Pokemon, and I really wanna build a team of them. I was wondering what would be a good lineup for said team.

I have no idea what you people are doing saying Raichu, Luxray, Stunfisk, and Electrode are viable in what is essentially OU.

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Here are some pretty good Electric types that you can pick for your team:

Raichu: With 90 Attack and Special Attack and 110 Speed, you'll be able to outrun most of the in-game Pokemon and hit them moderately hard with moves like Thunder, Volt Tackle and Thunderbolt. Make it hold a Light Ball as it boosts it's Attack and Special Attack and can breed Volt Tackle onto Pichu. In X&Y, Pikachus have a 5% chance of holding it.

Jolteon: Jolteon has 110 Special Attack and 130 Speed, and with the hidden ability Quick Feet you can make good usage out of it. It utilizes its Sp. Atk with moves like Thunder, Thunderbolt, and Discharge.

Ampharos: With the ability to Mega Evolve, a nice Sp. Atk of 115, and okay defensive stats of 90/85/90, this slow but powerful Pokemon has access to moves like Zap Cannon, Thunder, Discharge and Dragon Pulse for its Mega Evolution, Ampharos can serve a monotype electric team quite nicely.

Manectric: Another Pokemon with the ability to Mega Evolve, this Pokemon with the Sp. Atk and Speed stats of 110 can make a nice special sweeper with a diverse movepool that includes Iron Tail to counter pesky ground types and Crunch. It's mega evolution gains the ability Intimidate and its Sp. Atk and Speed increases by 20, making it a great Pokemon to have.

Luxray: A strong physical attacker with an Attack stat of 120, Luxray can dish out serious damage with moves like Wild Charge and Thunder Fang. Rivalry can increase his base attack up to 150 (or lower it to 90), or Intimidate is always nice as well.

Magnezone: It has a Special Attack of 130, and Defense of 110. A STAB Zap Cannon or Gyro Ball from this thing WILL hurt. However, it doesn't make much good use competitively.

Heliolisk: With a Speed and Special Attack stat of 109, and an electric move that heals like Giga Drain, Heliolisk is a great Pokemon with only two weaknesses to Fighting and Ground. A STAB Hyper Beam can really pack a punch and Electrify is great as it makes moves Electric, so you can have an Electric-Type Dig or an Electric-Type Focus Blast, two moves which normally don't get STAB.

Secondary Electric Types:

Lanturn: Volt/Water Absorb is always nice along with Aqua Ring, but it only has 76 Special Attack, Abysmal Physical Attack, and mediocre defense stats (besides HP which is at 120)

Electrivire: A physical Pokemon with a not-very-physical movepool. However, it can learn Earthquake and other physical moves from TMs.

Eelektross Not much is known about it in X & Y yet, but as it has no weaknesses and offensive stats of 115/105, it should be good for a monotype team.

Thanks guys, this'll be a HUGE help. From what all of you have suggested, here's what I'm thinking:

Ability: Motor drive
Item: Scope lens
Moves: Cross chop, power-up punch, thunderpunch, ion deluge

Ability: Static
Item: Ampharosite
Moves: Dragon pulse, thunderbolt, charge, cotton guard

Ability: Unnerve
Item: Focus sash
Moves: Sticky web, bug buzz, electro ball, volt switch

Ability: Volt absorb
Item: Leftovers
Moves: Rain dance, surf, stockpile, thunder

Ability: Dry skin
Item: Life orb
Moves: Thunder, thunder wave, parabolic charge, dragon tail

Ability: Analytic
Item: Zoom lens
Moves: Zap cannon, charge, flash cannon, tri-attack

Pretty self-explanatory. Electivire sets up with power-up punch, then attacks repeatedly with thunder punch/ cross chop. Ion deluge protects against stuff like chip away and body slam, and gets a free speed boost too. Ampharos is there to cover dragons and for all-around bulkiness. After a few cotton guards, not even earthquake will hurt it. Galvantula sets up sticky web, with the focus sash to make ABSOLUTELY sure he gets the chance to do so. The resulting slowness of the opponent makes electro ball VERY powerful. Volt switch to switch out when sticky web is set up. Lanturn and Heliolisk go hand-in-hand, with Lanturn setting up rain and Heliolisk healing from it. Thunder has 100% accuracy in rain. In doubles, Lanturn and Heliolisk heal each other with surf and parabolic charge. Dragon tail lets Heliolisk phase out threats and quite possibly paralyze the entire opposing team. Magnezone hits the hardest, with 360 base power, 80% accuracy  zap cannon after using charge, it'll be guaranteed to punch a gaping hole in the opponent's defenses. Tri-attack and flash cannon for extra coverage.
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I think that you should definitely keep electivire in your team cause he's a beast and he also have a good movepool he can use flamethrower, earthquake and all punches not to mention his extraordinary cool ability
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y'know, they do have a metagame just for monotypes (see enoch for more information). Anyway, here are some pokes.

Magnezone - provides loads of resistances with its steel typing, and can serve as a steel trapper
All rotom forms - Provides ground immunity, and I specifically recommend wash for many resistances and dealing with ground and rock.
Jolteon - Speedy, and very powerful
Zapdos - With good stats all around, also provides ground immunity
Raikou - similar to zapdos, and can run powerful CM sets.
Luxray - Just put here for being one of the few electric attackers
Electrivire - Better than luxray, and can pose a threat with motor drive
Galvantula - Powerful, and if this is gen 6 then sticky web
Lanturn - Tank

And sorry just have to say this, DO NOT USE PIKACHU. Just don't.
Look here for sets and details

Yeah,Pikachu stinks in the game.