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Most say that if you train up a pokemon its stats should be higher than if you caught it at that level in the wild. (same level, nature)

I decided to test this with 2 pokemon with the same species, nature, etc.

one I trained from lv34 to 54
the other I caught at lv 54

And found no major difference( at most there was a difference of 4 in one area).

Is there meant to be a difference?

Are the two pokemon the same?

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Yes and no....The wild pokemon you caught at the lower level could have Lower Individual Values, or IVs, so it might end up having lower stats than the same pokemon with higher IVs. Assuming both of the pokemon in question have the same IVs, and you catch and train a pokemon of a lower level, then that pokemon will have higher stats than a wild pokemon of the same level because it has had exposure to EV training, making its stats higher.