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I got frogadier and am wondering if it has a mega evolution

Actually the starter Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y can mega evovle because on the show Pokemon X&Y In episode 91 were Ash battles Olympia , Olympia saw a Vision of Ash's Frogadier mega Evovleing and it even showed during there battle Frogadier mega evolution form it has something to do with the Sundial
It's an anime-exclusive from change for Greninja only. Delphox and Chesnaught get no such luxury :(

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Greninja does not Mega Evolve. In fact, none of the new Kalos Pokemon can Mega Evolve.

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Mega Evolve YET. In my eyes since Nintendo can update X/Y we'll be seeing Mega Typhlosions or Mega Empoleons pretty soon.
I am kinda doubtful that Nintendo will release new content on the eShop, since those with no internet access are screwed over. But we can probably expect Megas for the starters in later games.
Fingers crossed.
diancie mega evolves
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Only a selected few from past gens have a mega evolution. Pokemon such as greninja don't

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Greninja does not mega evolve, much less has a mega stone
No kalos Pokemon can mega evolve, only selected Pokemon from the past generations can Mega evolve.