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Charizard or Talon flame?

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which one is better talon flame or charizard

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For what purposes? What's the rest of your team?
My team is weak to fight mostly lucario so i saw two of my favorite pokemon of X and Y and wanted to know

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Charizard (X)

With charizard having the ability to mega evolve, it is a better option to go with charizard.
Sure, talonflame has acrobatics and is faster but with Charizard X, it gets over the weakness of Stealth Rock,rock type, electric type, water type and has higher attack power.


Talonflame carries acrobatics and can kill charizard Y

Overall, Talonflame for Y and Charizard for X plus mega evolution.

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Talonflame is fast and has gale wings.
Charizard is slower, but can mega evolve and has higher attack.
Choose whichever appeals to your team, speed + priority or strength.

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