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I just found my old Pokewalker in my room after I lost it about 4 years ago. It ran out of batteries, and I just remembered that my Blaziken's in there :O!!! If I change the batteries, will it disappear? I don't have the right batteries for it now, so I can't test it and see. Please help, it's been 3 days since I asked and I really need the answer!

EDIT: I already restarted the HeartGold game that came with the Pokewalker, btw

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If the Pokéwalker's battery runs out and the session is not saved, all steps will be lost and all watts, items and Pokémon that were obtained during the trip will be deleted, however the Pokémon deposited at the start of the session will remain unaffected.

If the battery power gets low, a battery icon will appear on the top-left corner of the display and the Pokéwalker will save the information once every hour before the battery runs out.

So the Pokemon you deposited will be fine. However, if you didn't save, you will lose all the Pokemon and stuff you got since the last time you saved. Since the battery is dead, it probably automatically saved a few times when the battery is low.


But I restarted my HeartGold a long time ago... T_T
I'll look into that for you. But for future reference, you should initially specify info like that in the question
It's fine. Just so you know, it might take me a while since bulbapedia is confusing the hell out of me :P
If it's giving too much trouble, then you don't have to go look. I don't want someone to go through a lot just because of me and my dumbness