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I probably shouldn't play late at night, but I was running back and forth waiting for my Pokemon to lay an egg, and I noticed the Daycare Man always turn around or at least 90 degrees in all the games I've played. It just made me incredibly curious, because I have never seen him turning. I see him, then he is off screen, then on screen again and he's turned.

I've never seen the daycare man turn, either. I've always tried, I've never seen him do it before. +1.

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Well, according to this, he doesn't! :3

Apparently, he'll only turn when you enter a new area, however I can confirm it's not a route, but just when he's off the screen.

Here's something interesting, though (from the almighty source):
>He doesn't turn around when you're on-screen. I've gotten eggs from him when his back was turned because they appeared while he was still on my screen.

So yeah. It's not just coincidence, he'll refuse to face the route when you're invading his "personal space" (a.k.a the screen). But he'll still give you the egg - he just won't show it. :3

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Above Link
(Note: I'd recommend not looking at the source, since it's sort of... bleh... x3)

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He doesn't turn around on screen. He only updates his position once you leave and come back.
At least that's what the internet and other people say like on this thread