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My team is currently:
Sandy (sandile)
Lazy (snorlax)
Bob-om (boldore)
And nidorino. But by the time I get to Laverre City he will be under lvl 43, and his only poison type option is poison sting.


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I'll add on Nidoking and Nidoqueen later

Viable Poison Types available in Kalos:

Roserade-Rather frail, but has good typing, movepool, and pretty good stats. It needs a Shiny stone to evolve into this forme, though, and takes friendship to get a Roselia from Budew.
Also, it learns all it's good moves in it's previous evolution, so be careful when deciding to evolve it.
HMs: Cut

Toxicroak--Note it's 4x weakness to psychic, and it's ability dry skin. It will take 1.25 from fire, and lose I eighth of it's health each turn in sun, but that shouldn't be much of a problem ingame ... Unless it has the ability Anticipation...
HMs: Cut, Strength

Crobat-evolves through happiness, and so takes a long time, but is probably worth it. It has good speed, and decent Atk.

*Tentacruel*--Rather frail in physical defense, but fast, and has decent SpA and good SpD
HMs: Cut, Surf, Waterfall, Dive

Drapion---Can take a few hits, and can dish it back out very hard, especially with it's ability Sniper, which x4s every critical hit, plus it's High Crit. ration moves. It's other ability, Battle armour, which prevents critical hits from being used against it, is also useful.
HMs:Cut, Strength

Gengar--high speed and SpA, and has a Mega Evolution, but you need to trade to fully evolve it.
Also, It do not evolve Gastly into Haunter before it learns Shadow Ball
HMs: Strength



You should also replace boldore, with Aegislash, if you're worried about the fairy gym, since you need a steel type,and Gigalith requires a trade, and is kind of weak. Sigilyph is also iffy.
Go here for Aegislash movesets. Be aware, however, that some of them are intended for competitive, not ingame.
Aegislash is a very versatile, and powerful Pokemon, however, because of it's ability Stance Change, it's once impregnable defenses are now lowered to 50 when you attack, shifting the 100 stat points onto the offenses. You have to wait for the battle to end, or use King's Shield to switch back, but overall, it's pros outweigh the cons.

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Not so much that I hate it, it's mainly that I don't have a 3ds, and the fact that I'm  not getting one.
The main problem with X/Y, is that the game has turned 3d, and that fairy types are immune to dragon.
It makes no sense that a pink ball of fluff would walk away unscathed from a Giratina dropping a meteor on it's head.
Never underestimate the power of fluff.
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Fluff mate, fluff.
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Gengar is a really good poison type as its Sp.Attack is amazing and sludge bomb gets STAB so it deals mega damage.

Hope this helped.

Huh. You suggesting Gengar. Odd.
Gengar is probably the best in this page, to be really honest.
Plus, it's a reliable party Pokemon for your team as well.
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If you're worried about the Fairy Gym, as shade45450 said, use Steel moves. Snorlax learns Heavy Slam at Level 50 and Sigilyph can learn Steel Wing via TM.

If you want a reliable in-game poison type, (besides Venusaur learning Venoshock and Sludge Bomb via TM) pick up Drapion or Toxicroak. Both have access to great Poison Type moves like Cross Poison or Poison Jab, both have decent stat totals for in-game play and both have good typing (Drapion only has one weakness, Ground). Drapion can also learn the elemental fangs through the move relearner, and Toxicroak can Nasty Plot/Sludge Bomb for massive damage.

It's all up to preference: Drapion, the more defensive of the two, or Toxicroak, the more offensive of the two? Your pick.

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Well, your team would love a Steel type, but seeing as you want another Poison type to add on with Ivysaur, I'll just answer that question. Because you are playing X, your only options are Beedrill, Roserade, Swalot, Vileplume, Scolipede, Toxicroak, Crobat, Seviper, Tentacruel, Qwilfish, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Drapion, Victreebel, Gengar, Arbok, Amoonguss, and Garbodor.

It seems like this is an ingame team so you would want Fly and Surf. Fly is a luxury while Surf is a necessity and it looks like the only Pokemon who can learn just one of those moves is Snorlax who can learn Surf (though not suggested). Two Pokemon that look would benefit would be Crobat and Tentacruel.

*Because this is ingame, I'm not going to bother with EVs, Natures, etc

Surf | Sludge Bomb | Dazzling Gleam | Toxic Spikes

Surf is why you want Tenta ingame, but it gets Sludge Bomb and Dazzling Gleam out of TMs. Toxic Spikes really work out when your opponent switches to his next Pokemon.

Fly | Cross Poison | U-turn | Roost
Fly is why you want Crobat. Cross Poison is a move you need the Move Relearner for and U-turn+Roost are TMs.

Alright. Hope I helped a little. You might not be able to teach some of these moves right away so just use some stopgap moves, Also, consider using a Steel type like Lucario or Mawile over your new Posion type Pokemon.

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Well when Ivysaur evolves its poison and can learn venoshock. Another alternative is to use steel type moves against fairy.