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Do you think they will change original Pokemon in x and y and make them fairy type?

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Besides the ones we already know like ralts and jigglypuff.
I think Milotic will become a water/fairy type.
Chansey becoming a fairy type is a possibility too.
They could distribute these new guys over events.

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2 Answers

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Marill's evolution line
Clefairy's evolution line
Jigglypuff's evolution line
Gardevoir's evolution line (excluding Gallade)
Snubbull's Evolution line
Togepi's evolution line
Mr.Mime's evolution line
Whimsicott's evolution line

These Pokemon have all been changed to Fairy type


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It's highly unlikely.

Whimsicott is already known have changed to Grass/ Fairy from its original pure Grass type, and it's not available anywhere in X&Y, not even in friend safaris.

If the others have changed, the changes should have been known as well. The games have already been hacked, so I see no reason why any other changes are unknown.

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