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-Dragon Claw

-Ice Beam
-Calm Mind

-Sunny Day
-Sludge Bomb
-Body Slam

-Brick Break
-Rock Slide
-Mega Kick

-Shadow Ball
-Double Edge
-Brick Break

-Brick Break/Bite
-Return/Thunder Wave
-Iron Tail/Thunder

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Thee defently good strong pokemon with great moves. Well done!And you have a pokemon for almost every type! That will work well.

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Its a good team but I'd replace Overheat/Flamethrower on Charizard for Solarbeam because you don't need two fire moves and Solarbeam has tons of coverage, and if you still have sunny day from Victreebell active its only 1 turn. Also you may want some stalling moves on Snorlax maybe replace Shadow Ball and something for toxic/protect. Hitmonlee doesn't need Strength/Mega Kick because they're both normal, maybe switch one for Blaze Kick. For your electric type I'd go with Jolteon and look around the site for a good moveset. Overall pretty good team.

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Im playing LG! Not Platinum or D/P! Also note that I used my Solarbeam TM on Victreebell.
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YES Actually exept I would switch
thunder for dig with jolteon but besides that youre fine

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But jolteon doesnt have that great of attack.....