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like cynthia's garchomp or iris's axew

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What is a ace Pokemon? Is it a official term or is it something else?
Blue-Eyes White Dragon for Kaiba and Dark Magician for Yugi.
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Does that include gym leaders and elite 4?

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It seems like that, all the higher evolved Pokémon usually are used by the best of trainers. Even fully evolved starters are strong Pokemon in the anime, an example of this would be Ash's Infernape it was truly a powerful Pokémon. Sometimes gym leaders have good Pokemon which are usually the 7th and 8th gym leaders who have the best or "Ace Pokémon" So yes the better the trainer (Champion, Ace Trainers, Gym Leader, Elite Four) the better the Pokemon. In terms of fully evolving them and showing of skill in battle

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.....i wanted the names of all in-game famous trainers like cynthias garchomp not the meaning:P