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Let's say if I didn't have a person with Ditto Safari to transform into my Amoongus/Breloom with Spore and then send out my Smeargle to Sketch it. What would the easiest way to Sketch moves on him be?

I've tried Double Battles at the Battle Maison and Sketched Spore on him there but for whatever reason when I retire or get defeated my Smeargle no longer has the move which I find stupid.

I know you can find Pokemon in the wild with popular Smeargle moves like Stealth Rock on Graveler's in Victory Road but it's not exactly ideal, or is this the only way to do it without Ditto Safari?

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Try the Double Battles in the Lumiose restaurants. The reason your Smeargle didn't Sketch moves in the Battle Maison is because it is like playing competetively; your Pokémon do not gain or lose anything in those battles. Including items, such as Focus Sash.

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you can still use the ditto method. You can find it easily enough in Pokemon village as a normal wild encounter. just means you'll have to swap in the Pokemon to be copied, instead of starting with it, as it won't have its hidden ability
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Just go into any old double battle except in the battle maison it like playing competitively with flat rules, I recommend using a Pokemon with a strong move, as the only moves that cannot be sketched are Metronome and Chatter, so you can even sketch judgement. Just use a trainer either in a route or just use a restaurant and sketch from your other Pokemon. But a triple battle will work too.

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Actually, you CAN sketch Metronome. Metronome just has to fail in order to be Sketched, such as by the Pokémon who uses Metronome being asleep, frozen, or fully paralyzed on the turn that Metronome is used.

You cannot Sketch the move Chatter though. You also cannot Sketch the move Struggle or another copy of Sketch.