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I playing pokemon platinum. I want to search that item, but I don't know where. I want to give that item for my wobbuffet

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well first you need the national dex after that go to the victory road a new path will be opened, when you entered you will be joined by marley, a trainer with a arcanine, finish the simple task, after that go through it again and when you enter in some kind of huge chamber, there will be a big pond where you can surf, surf to a nearby item and it will be a leftovers

hope this helps

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OK, thank's a lot! I will try this...
glad i helped
it is true that is where i got one of my 3 leftovers the other two were from munchlaxes
yeah i also have some more from munchlaxes too
Did you say 3 leftovers? Where's the other 2, or where can i get muchlax?
it's hard to catch a munchlax, first you need to buy a honey or the cheaper way catch a combee and walk around awhile then you'll see your combee will be holding a honey, then slather the honey on a sweet smelling tree,then come back for it later i think it's after 12 hours then come back

but remember it's hard to catch a munchlax, it it the rarest of pokemon who you can catch via this way
wow... it must be hard, but i will try it! thank you very-very much once again!
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I think pokemon with the ability pickup can find it,but they have to be
high leveled...

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