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I was looking through my Yveltal's move set, when I saw I had taught it Phantom Force. That was when I remembered that my Giratina in Pokémon Diamond had Shadow Force. I used Phantom Force, then realised it had the same effect as Shadow Force. What is the difference between the two, and what is the point of having Phantom Force when there was Shadow Force?


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Phantom Force has lower base power (90 compared to 120). Shadow Force is also Giratina's signature move.

As for why they made the move, only Game Freak know for sure, but I will list a couple of theories.

  1. They wanted to keep Shadow Force as Giratina's signature move.
  2. They wanted to use a move like Shadow Force, but they thought that Shadow Force was too powerful so they made another move that was a bit weaker.
Thanks, because that was really starting to bug me.

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No problem :3
then game freak will create a water type move thats like spacial rend but weaker then a dragon move of roar of time but weaker
Its not like we can just waltz into our games and transfer a Giratina into our x and y from platinum. :3