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Onix is one of my favorite Pokemon to use. It's an overlooked Rock-type, and can even perform in NU, given the right strategy. I for one, would never use Onix to attack. Instead, I'd use him as a Stealth Rock Lead:

Stealth Rock (Obvious.)

Taunt / Sandstorm (If you're making a Sandstorm team, use Onix as the lead, indefinitely. If not, use Taunt to trap spikers, stealth Rock-ers, and Dual-Screeners.)

Rock Blast / Earthquake (Rock Blast is good STAB that can break Sub Leads. Earthquake is for that raw power.)

Explosion (If you're about to get KO'd, go out with a bang!)

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Stone edge(STAB)


Double edge(Power)

Curse(adds to pathetic attack and awesome defense)

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