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I know it has already been asked but the answers are terrible becuase it was asked before we all became moveset geniuses. I already know thunderbolt and calm mind, I am considering extrasensory

It has hp ground but I hate hp(hidden power)
It is timid and has perfect evs in speed and S. attack
You should add "Raikou" to the tags so people would find this when using the search box

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Calm Mind: Allows Raikou to be better offensively and defensively.

Shadow Ball: A useful move to take own all those Ghost and Psychic foes.

Thunderbolt: Raikou's best Attacking option.

Substitute: Blocks status and allows for easier set-up of Calm Mind.

HP Grass is a better option than Substitute, but you don't have it. HP Ice is also nice to deal with Grass types in addition to Ground types.

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Thunderbolt and Calm Mind are good,maybe add:
Magnet Rise:thanks to Raikou's high speed you can avoid incoming Ground-type attacks.
Signal Beam:Since Electric-type attacks aren't very effective against Grass-types,it'll be helpful to take them down
Extrasensory and Shadow Ball are both good coverage moves

I didn't suggest HP because you said that you hate it
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Well, I will say an HP ice or grass would be good because it cant counter ground types with any other move.

-Calm Mind
-HP [Grass]/[Ice] or Magnet Rise