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This sounds like a stupid question, but...
I've tried playing Pokemon on this, and everyone seems to be enraptured by the 3D function, but I've tried it a few times, and I didn't notice any major differences. The coloration just seemed off, and the highest setting gives me a headache, while the lowest is barely noticeable. Anything in between is somewhere between the two is also unsatisfactory. Also, the only thing that I'll be playing on here is Pokemon, and so I won't really care about the other games that might benefit from the 3D...
Should I get a 2Ds instead?

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I honestly don't think this belongs here because it isn't a question about Pokemon. :/
Well, the only thing I'm going to play on it is pokemon..
It depends a lot on the person. I've never experienced headches, though some move animations hurt my eyes (Water Pulse).

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The 2DS is more cost effective, and to be honest, the 3D was just a marketing ploy to get people to buy the 3DS. I have never used the 3D function on my 3DS, and got the same satisfaction as everyone else with a game. The only reason that I would buy a 3DS over a 2DS is that the 3DS is more portable with the hinge (and that I bought it before the 2DS existed XD).

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The 3DS was a slight advancement in liquid crystal displays, adding a 4th color to the screen's lighting allowing game designers who knew how to produce fantastic graphics. Using the enhanced color palette the 4 colors, red,blue,green and now yellow, supplied, skilled programmers and artists are capable of very beautiful effects. the Pokemon X and Y games are not a very good example- their very simplified graphics and block-bulk monotonous color schemes often cause a literal eyesore, being too bright, glitchy and grainy. if you wish to enjoy the use of the 3DS successfully, the more mature look and better graphics found in Fire Emblem Awakening are a fascinating example, and the game is fun for any obsessive compulsive gamer to get into... there is also a final fantasy out that I have heard also makes good use of the 3DS features, but I have not played it yet myself.