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I try to breed my lapras and vanilluxe to get lapras with Freeze-Dry. But every time I try to breed my vanilluxe(female) with my lapras(male), the day care man said "They prefer to play.............bla bla bla" . I change the lapras many times. But, still it don't change what the day care said. Please help me. What should I do to get lapras with Freeze-Dry move?


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That's because Vanilluxe and Lapras cannot breed. They are not in the same egg groups.

Lapras is in Water 1 and Monster.
Vanilluxe is in Mineral.

Also to get a Lapras with Freeze Dry, it needs to breed with Aurorus.
Thank You. I appreciate your help =D Good day
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Lapras and vanilluxe are in different "egg groups", meaning to breed, Pokemon need to be in the same egg group as one another. To get a Lapras with freeze-dry, you'd need to have an aurorus as the father and (i believe) lapras as the mother. These Pokemon are both in the "monster" egg group.