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What is the point of rotom fan form being part flying type AND have levitate?

Air Balloon for Ubers
I would die of confusion if the text bar said:
<The Rotom (fan form) floats in the air with its air balloon>

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All the Rotom forms have Levitate, so it'd be strange for Rotom-Fan to be the only form not to have it. Game Freak is all about staying consistent, even if that makes them illogical.

Only Game Freak knows the answer really. But this is probably the most accurate answer I can give.

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I think they should all have volt absorb sice they are all part electric type. It makes much more sense. This is the worst ability-typing combo I've ever seen! Except for traunt and defeatist.
in 4th gen all rotoms were ghost electric including fan.
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Just to give it extra security.
Lets say Excadrill vs Rotom
Excadrills mold breaker would break Levitate but the Flying type would keep it secure.

But, Gravity, Smack Down, etc would let rotom fan get hit with a ground tyoe move.

But, It is stupid that rotom fan has this ability.