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Hippopotas: Sandstorm

Nature: Impish
Item: Oran Berry
EVs: 52 HP, 212 Attack, 212 Def, 34 Sp Def
Earthquake: Powerful STAB attack.
Stealth Rock: Sets Up an annoying entry hazard.
Roar: Damages the foe wth Stealth Rock in play.
Toxic: Badly poisons the foe.

Gligar: The Sand Killer

Nature: Jolly
Ability: Sand Veil
Item: Oran Berry
EVs: 236 Attack, 38 Def, 236 Speed
Aqua Tail: Type coverage.
Earthquake: Incredibly powerful STAB move.
Night Slash: Type coverage against Psychics and Ghosts.
Swords Dance: Makes up for the fairly low 17 Attack.

Munchlax: The Secial Wall

Nature: Careful
Ability: Thick Fat
Item: Oran Berry
EVs: 236 HP, 38 Attack, 236 Sp Def
Earthquake: Always a powerful attack. Great type coverage.
Fire Punch: Type coverage.
Return: STAB.
Seed Bomb: Type coverage.

Abra: Dual-Screens

Nature: Modest
Ability: Synchronize
Item: Light Clay
EVs: 2 HP, 196 Speed, 236 Sp Attack, 76 Sp Def
IVs: 0 Attack
Encore: Allows for set-up of Dual Screens.
Reflect: One Screen.
Light Screen: Two Screen.
Psychic: For Taunt and attacking after set-up.

Magnemite: Steel Trapper

Nature: Rash
Ability: Magnet Pull
Item: Oran Berry
EVs: 76 Attack, 196 Def, 2 Speed, 236 Sp Attack
Explosion: My work here is done.
Flash Cannon: STAB.
Magnet Rise: To protect against Earthquake.
Thunderbolt: STAB.

Houndour: The Fire Killer

Nature: Mild
Ability: Flash Fire
Item: Oran Berry
EVs: 36 Attack, 6 Def, 236 Speed, 196 Sp Attack, 36 Sp Def
Dark Pulse: Reliable special Dark STAB.
Flamethrower: STAB.
Nasty Plot: Makes Houndour incredibly powerful, especially after a Flash Fire boost.
Sucker Punch: Priority for Revenge Killing.

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I would suggest to switch Hippopotas's Toxic for another move (maybe for coverage) because switching bad poison turns it into normal poison
It stays as bad poison, the counter just restarts.

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Well, one problem is that your team is very vulnerable to priority Choice Band-ers. If Aqua Jet Carvahna is on the opponent's team, there goes half of your team from one common threat. I'd suggest putting Barboach in to replace Magnemite, since Houndour can take care of any Steels easily.

Secondly, Toxic doesn't need to be on Hippopatus. It already sets up Stealth Rock. Setting up Toxic will be pushing it (Plus, Immunity Munchlax, Steels, and Poisons basically kills that moveslot). As a lead, you want to build up momentum, and Toxic is not the way to do it. Use Body Slam for perfect neutral Coverage (minus Gastly), or Rock Slide to deal with Hail team leads. It also makes short work of most U-Turn Scouts in a hit or two.

Abra's strategy also has a few flaws. Since its a fast Pokemon, you have to switch it in to activate Encore, and from there, you'll either get KO'd or not. If it switches in following a KO, it's usually too fast to set up Encore on turn 1, so must wait until turn 2. This also makes it rather die-or-try. I still think the Special Sweeper set is best, for some versatility and more type coverage. Abra needs some serious luck to set up Encore and dual screens, and still survive.

I'm sure you probably have reasons why you did what you did, but looking at this information, these are some problems that could very well cost you a match.

EDIT: For a more successful Abra set, try having a main focus on just the screens. Give it max Speed EVs, and give it a Focus Sash. This gives Abra guaranteed setup.

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Yeah, I haven't had a chance to playtest this team, seeing as I can't find any opponents.
I'll make a new team.
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That seems like a good team but I think you are wasting your Abra's potential I suggest Psychic, Shadow ball, Energy ball, Singal beam

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