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Doryuuzu ( http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/530 ):
maxed SDef, Def, HP + Leftovers

-Fissure (boosted be Hone Claws, useless against Flying a Levitating foes)
-Hone Claws (for Earthquake and Fissure)
-Iron Defense (better chance of surviving while Hone Clawing)
-Earthquake (STAB, powerful, accurate, boosted by Hone Claws)


Tsunbeaa ( http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/614 ):
maxed SDef, Def, HP + Leftovers

Sheer Cold (boosted by Hone Claws, best of OHKOs)
Hone Claws (for Avalanche and Sheer Cold)
Yawn (better chance of surviving while Hone Clawing)
Avalanche (STAB, accurate, boosted by low speed)

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As said before, this strategy has a few flaws in it. One is that for the OHKO moves to work with regularity, you'll need a lot of Hone Claws, by which you'll either have enough attack to OHKO with an ordinary attack or you'll have been KOd. Another thing is that OHKO moves are banned in almost all cases.

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C'mon man, just say which one is better O_o
Neither have the defenses to be able to do this. Doryuuzu has poor defensive stats but good defensive typing while Tsunbeaa has better (not good, just better) defensive stats but poor defensive typing. I'd have to say Tsunbeaa though, although expect this strategy to fail. Another thing is the boosts can just be hazed/psuedo-hazed.
Forcing a switch. This can be done using Roar or Whirlwind, or also Yawn.
Nice:D Ok, THX :D