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So that I don't need to have 4 Murkrows hit me in the face with Pursuit in order to catch that one with Prankster?

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In addition to Jof and Mr K's answers, the only move where this is possible is Synchronoise, for example in a horde of Zangoose and Seviper, with Exploud using it. For the example you've given, I'm afraid it's not possible.

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All multi hit moves are calculated as if you're in the middle of a triple battle, but with two enemies at your side rather than allies. You can only capture Pokémon after you have defeated four of the five. In addition to this, there is the slight chance that one or more Pokémon in the Horde can have their Hidden Ability

So essentially the moves that hit everyone in a triple battle will hit everyone in a horde battle as it functions the same. I'll have to test it but I think that would mean that with multi-pokemon attacks you will always be hitting everyone.

Source: Serebii Hordes

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No, those are the moves that hit multiple targets. here
and here are the moves that hit all Pokemon in a horde battle. scroll down to the bottom of this page
All moves that hit multiple targets hit all targets in a horde battle.

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