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You can't IV train; IVs are bred and are set the moment a Pokemon is encountered in the wild or hatched. If you want to learn how to IV breed, this question here covers it.

EV training is the same as Gen V; you gain EVs from fainting wild Pokemon. Hordes are especially good for EV training, and you can find the locations of hordes & their respective EVs here.

There's also Super Training, but I don't recommend that as your main EV training regime. The old way of fainting wild Pokemon is easier & faster (especially with Pokerus and/or Power items). Super Training is more of a supplement. If you want a guide on super training though, here's a video that Marriland made on super training.

If you don't understand EV training, here is a guide on this site about EV training, and another one on Marriland.

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